Hello and welcome to my blog.

This blog aims to look at music in a contemporary context and how music, as we know it, ties closely into everyday society. I aim to explore how music was and currently still is used as a significant source of entertainment, or will always only be seen as only for entertainment. Or are we as a society ignoring a crucial element in our culture? Or are we leaving an accent art form, letting it to die out? Or are we trying to move forward too fast? or have we just not realised its true potential?

A little bit about my music experience: To Date I have played in many venues across both Queensland and New South Wales, from the Pallazo Versace hotel on the Gold Coast, to Foxtel studios in Sydney. I mostly do session work now, working for various bands ,styles range from Jazz to Rock, basically anything that needs doing. I would say that for me, music is very important. In an entertainment driven industry, having both experience in original music and covers, by far covers the most popular and engaging with general audiences. I aim to explore through my own personal music making if music is only seen as entertainment in the 21 century.





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